Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thread termination

The death of a thread (and any subsequent notifications etc.) Is effectively just an indication that the thread will never execute any more code; it does not guarantee that the operating system has yet finished removing the thread.
Death is just a simple thread of instructions, that thread will not execute any code. But this does not guarantee that the operating system has been out of the thread.

When a thread terminates, the operating system cleans up all resources still allocated to the thread; this includes closing any sessions which it had open. Closing a session involves notifying the other party in the session that the thread has disconnected so that it can do its own cleanup; the operating system needs to keep the dead t0hread''s data structures until all of this disconnection activity has finished.
When the thread terminates, the operating system will clean up all the resources allocated to the thread, which also includes close any thread is already open session. Closed session to inform the rest of the session, told them that the thread has not connected to the session, so that they can perform their own clean-up. Death of the operating system must be maintained all the data structures thread until the broken end of the process.

If a thread terminates, there may be a period of time during which any attempt to create a new thread of the same name fails with KErrAlreadyExists.
If the thread is terminated, then the need for a cycle, in this cycle, any thread can not create the same name, and the failure to KErrAlreadyExists exit.

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"Fast food" style ads when consumers

The demand for fast food ad by: SME

The buyer economic times, there is no market demand. The reason why the proliferation of fast food ad, due to the large market demand, these demands come from SMEs. I have SMEs been a simple misunderstanding advertising analysis, advertising activities of SMEs in the process of conducting five errors, in fact, are the characteristics of fast-food ad. SME campaign shouted from the initial effective response to the crying effect was not evident Shi Jin, a process that is ten years. Uneven advertising, dazzling forms of advertising, all kinds of advertising media, so that the choice of small and medium enterprises broader but harder to choose. Select wide selection difficult on large, thus the opportunity to choose the wrong major. Errors more naturally trust declined. In fact, many SMEs in production, advertising even hold the attitude of disdain. Think that a company is very knowledgeable, advertising has the final say themselves. Others substandard own taste, processing and realization of advertising is only a tool for their own ideas.

In this case, the demand for fast food ad generated, and the growing demand, big enough to hit the south wall of the point of not looking back. Like fast-food ad just as the virus slowly eroding the SME market, but the virus does not directly lead to serious consequences, irrelevant of the fast-food advertising have also been accepted for many SMEs, as advertising effectiveness, or, and leftover lunch was thrown in the garbage.

Fast food ad makers: advertising

For many small and medium companies to provide services of advertising, or its advertising 鍒涗綔 鍒朵綔 very important goal yes delight customers. Zenmeyangzuo a taste for fast food customers, like more than how to help customers sell more products to the more important. Because, in their view, customers pay for the work, of course, have to listen to our customers. If you do not listen, the consequences may be the loss of this business. You do not listen, someone to listen, now found everywhere small advertising company, the customer is no lack of advertising door. SME managers was thinking, I pay, of course you should do something to me, but he ad been well judged, it may simply not suitable for their tastes. Does not taste good, there are many advertising companies waiting to do it. This attitude of both sides, the fast food ad is born too.

Most are one-time fast-food ad spend a lot of SMEs do not have a fixed advertising agency cooperation. Moreover, many small advertising company itself has no long-term services to a customer's experience, do not even know if it is a customer service, what kind of contract altered tickets. So they are engaged in "guerrilla warfare", even today a box of "fish-flavored pork" to the A zone, put a box of tomorrow "Gongbaojiding" to the B zone. This is a lot of small advertising companies are helpless, they have to accept reality.

Fast-food advertising to both the small and medium enterprises and small advertising companies, are hazardous. SMEs fast-food advertising, not just a waste of money, but also for their own marketing activities and advertising spread into non-renewal of the state, gradually, a customary business activities. Some small advertising company has been processing fast-food advertising, is not conducive to enhancing their own professional standards, easier to find opportunistic ways to win customers.

To eliminate the fast food ad, certainly not an easy thing. This requires small advertisers and advertising agencies to work together small and medium enterprises to have a correct understanding of advertising and understanding, clear objectives for each campaign and plans to campaign as an essential part of corporate marketing part, to advertising sales services. While medium and small advertising company, to enhance their professional degree, the advertising aim is to please our customers, change the concept, customer sales and service. Only two mutual supervision, and common knowledge to improve advertising, marketing objectives of enterprises to carry out advertising campaigns, fast-food advertising to gradually decline.


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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Compilation of various source - frespace

; Frespace.ASM 10/04/84 gwf
; CALL FRESPACE (AH, AL, BH, BL, CH, CL). CL SHOULD BE 0 for default
; Drive 1 for A, 2 for B, 3 for C, etc. The value of the
; Other variables does not matter. They will come back
; With a meaningful value.
; 10 defint a-z
; 20 color 7,1: cls
; 30 test1 = 1: ah = 0: al = 0: bh = 0: ch = 0: cl = 1: test2 = 2
; 35 INPUT "DRIVE 0 = DEFAULT, 1 = A, 2 = B, 3 = C"; CL
; 50 PRINT "AH ="; AH; "AL ="; AL; "BH ="; BH; "BL ="; BL; "CH ="; CH; "CL = "; CL;
; 60 UFREE! = 256 * AH + AL
; 70 UBYTES! = 256 * BH + BL
; 80 USECTOR! = 256 * CH + CL

get_spa equ 36h; Get disk free space function call
doscall equ 21h; DOS interrupt number

dgroup group datarea
datarea segment para public''DATA''

ah_ret dw?; ah to be sent back
al_ret dw?; al to be sent back
bh_ret dw?; bh to be sent back
bl_ret dw?; bl to be sent back
ch_ret dw?; ch to be sent back
cl_ret dw?; cl to be sent back

datarea ENDS
cseg segment''CODE''
assume cs: cseg
public frespace
frespace proc far
push bp; BP from BASIC
mov bp, sp; set base for parm list
push ds; DS from basic work area
push es; ES from basic work area
mov ax, datarea; establish data addressability
mov ds, ax; now DS is local data
assume ds: datarea
push bp
sub ax, ax
mov si, ss: [bp +6]; get addr of parameter
mov al, es: [si]; get value of parm
mov dx, ax; dl contains the drive number on call
; Dh will be zero
mov ah, get_spa; get space function number
int doscall; Call DOS

; Move the values into local work area to prepare to send back to basic
xchg dx, ax; must have a word. Want to zero out DH.
sub ax, ax; produce the zero
xchg dx, ax; DX is now zero.
; DH is what we really want as zero.

mov dl, ah; want to send back a byte
mov ah_ret, dx; prepare to return ah

mov dl, al; want to send back a byte
mov al_ret, dx; prepare to return al

mov dl, bh; want to send back a byte
mov bh_ret, dx; prepare to return bh

mov dl, bl; want to send back a byte
mov bl_ret, dx; prepare to return bl

mov dl, ch; want to send back a byte
mov ch_ret, dx; prepare to return ch

mov dl, cl; want to send back a byte
mov cl_ret, dx; prepare to return cl

; Go back
pop bp; get back Basic''s workspace
mov ax, cl_ret
mov si, ss: [bp +6]
mov es: [si], ax; return cl

mov ax, ch_ret
mov si, ss: [bp +8]
mov es: [si], ax; return ch

mov ax, bl_ret
mov si, ss: [bp +10]
mov es: [si], ax; return bl

mov ax, bh_ret
mov si, ss: [bp +12]
mov es: [si], ax; return bh

mov ax, al_ret
mov si, ss: [bp +14]
mov es: [si], ax; return al

mov ax, ah_ret
mov si, ss: [bp +16]
mov es: [si], ax; return ah
pop es
pop ds
pop bp
ret 12; return to basic 6 parameters were sent
frespace endp
;------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
cseg ends
end; end for assembler

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wang Wenjing's plan and action

By the end of September 2007, the British management guru Charles Handy visited the base in Beijing Yongfeng UF Software Park, Software Park, UF has shown Handy Weather for surprise, his entourage said: "If I were you, I Purchase this company on the stock. "UF Software Park covers an area of 200 mu 1, now completed only 1 / 3, 2 planning area has over 200 acres. By UF 1.133 billion yuan in 2006 to count the size of business, upon the completion of UF Software Park could host the size of at least 10 times now. Obviously, UF Group CEO Wang Wenjing these resources can never be vacant, he was also very clear that the new UF must develop a new platform.

October 15, 2007 to 18, Wang Wenjing, and UF's executives get together for a whole 4-day will be. The core issue is how the arrival of new business model: "Our internal to the transformation of the business model called the shift from product management customer management, from product orientation to become customer-oriented. In addition to product, we have continued to provide a comprehensive service system, a long-term partnership. "and around this business transformation, UF needs to build from a set of corresponding with their overall business system. Of this transformation, Wang Wenjing placed great expectations: "the transition to the use of ERP financial software company, from Friends of ERP management software company into a scale of over 10 billion yuan from 100 million yuan; if the transition is successful, will most likely push the scale of our business to another order of magnitude. "

At the same time, frequently heard recently conducted by UF and Microsoft will cooperate in depth information. November 6, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer a brief visit to China, Wang Wenjing is the only meeting with him this time to China's software business partners, more such rumors covered with a hazy appearance.

In 2007, UF software objects to the incentive shares granted to 1797, occupied by Friends of the software, 8% of the total share capital. Grant price of 18.17 yuan / share (share price at 50 yuan UF), senior vice president of all the holders of all shares of UF, a total of 800 employees in the equity incentive UF benefit. This equity issue has been paying close attention to the Wang Wenjing is the first time.

There are indications that Wang Wenjing UF for themselves and established a higher target. Always provide tempting people suspected of serious impression of Wang Wenjing steady if somewhat sit still. But Wang Wenjing, he felt everything is a natural choice, he does not think its a change occurred, or dazzled by something does not make good sense.

Before making any decisions

In Wang Wenjing view, he felt himself has been acting in this way: "From a good government agency out of business in the eyes of outsiders is a great change; in 1989 I had a great at the time seemed 'Two-hundred Plan', the company's turnover reached 100 million, the number of customers reached 100; then later I proposed to the management software transformation, China's largest management software company; we listed in 2001, but prior to 7 years the distance from the listed company when there is a big gap, I proposed target market. "

In 1999, Wang Wenjing, and when he was general manager of Guo Xinping visit Microsoft's Software Park, a great shock to Wang Wenjing. Came out from Microsoft, the two began to discuss one thing, when a UF was small, but Wang Wenjing, or immediately to build a software like Microsoft's future as a park plan put on the agenda . After several years of gradual implementation, until now a dream come true.

He has been accustomed to give themselves a little bit now seems distant goals, in his view, did not achieve the target, and there is no great difference between the objectives: "to establish a goal and work hard towards this goal, This is a state of drift is better than no goals. "

Wang Wenjing have admitted their shortcomings are too rational, always think twice. He did most of the decision-making has a "clear direction to pave the way from then to vigorously promote the" process, basically a complete new strategy at least three or four years, such a long time in a rapidly changing environment a software company seems inconceivable. But so far, UF has not fallen behind rivals, but always in the local management software company maintained boss's seat, indicating that Wang Wenjing in the "too rational shortcomings," but also some other advantages, such as his keen to judge the market and forward.

UF Yang Jian, general manager of mobile business recently became aware of one thing, Wang Wenjing even been moving in the use of UF provided "good berry" (U-Mail) services. Wang Wenjing on this piece of business showed great interest and determination. By the end of 2006, UF has developed three-year development plan from 2007 to 2009, clearly stated the "management software" and "mobile commerce" as the next stage of the two core business.

Investment in mobile business process reflects Wang Wenjing's style - he started in 2003 to think clearly and mobile communications software should be bonded together. By the end of 2004, UFIDA was set up mobile commerce business unit, will manage the ERP phones and other mobile terminals extend beyond sex. Until January 30, 2007, UF was joint venture with NTT DoCoMo announced plans to set up a joint venture stock company.

In order to maximize the elimination of the negative impact of traditional business, Wang Wenjing that "UFIDA Mobile e-commerce development, to abandon the PC, the software away, abandoned ERP, abandoned UF, only then can we succeed!"

UF then transition to the ERP has also experienced the same process. From 1997 to 1999, UF started doing a little direction to the ERP investment, but only until 2000 Wang Wenjing great commitment to the company as a major strategy on the agenda. Is precisely in order to promote the strategic transition, Wang Wenjing He Jinghua invited to UF. He Jinghua, "spent two and a half years of time known to the financial software, ERP UF marked by the stigma." Wang Wenjing this is very positive, he He Jinghua go to UF to the purpose is very simple, only needs a strategy, he must ride He Jinghua in international ERP company has a wealth of experience to drive the company's restructuring. Wang Wenjing said that his starting point is invited to address the UF He Jinghua facing a stage, he was very young, are not engaged in a kind of abdication of the attempt. At this point, Wang Wenjing's performance is definitely not an explorer, but more of a strategist.

Now, the UF has already begun on the old software business models change, and the new profit growth point of nurturing and generous capital movements will also be a target to achieve 10 billion yuan important way.

He Jinghua former CEO at the end of 2004 after leaving UF, Wang Wenjing followed on the proposed concept of universal access to ERP. Ford Model T as the universal popularity of ERP software as the dream became Wang Wenjing. In his view, Ford made the automobile a mass consumer goods, while today's ERP market and the current car market is similar to.

The theory became popular ERP UF in 2005 and 2006, guiding business development. Wang Wenjing, president in the back seat four months later, sent a such a voice outside: "Product is still very important, but it is only delivered to customers throughout our ongoing part of the solution, not all of the." Shanghai in the previous Asia Technology Summit organized by the CEO, Wang Wenjing speech topic is: the current business environment in China is likely to promote innovation and a kind of Chinese software companies to promote the development of a successful service model.

UF Industry Alliance concept is popular in ERP based on the concept's development strategy, according to Wang Wenjing mean, this strategy is aimed at uniting disparate forces can be combined, extended to the customer management service to.

In 2005, Wang Wenjing given a new client manager appointed great responsibilities, specialized maintenance and development of several large enterprise business customers, helping them to have internal coordination of resources to make their information needs can be of any UF team solution. But now the powers and responsibilities account manager on this basis has taken a step further, UFIDA Zheng Yulin, vice president, said UF will be the next to provide not only UFIDA own products, but also on the integration of partner products, so that it can offer all the services they need.

Alone products, to provide solutions to UF so far as is now open interfaces, and open technology platform, joint product development, sales and partner products will be embedded in a solution of UF, and development teams and outsourcing. UF released "UFWare" strategy, the establishment of a UFWare laboratory listed by the policy, UF hope that by virtue of their standardization and standardization of interface technology, a variety of domestically produced software can form a seamless succession and extension, on the basis will be the core business systems providers, hardware vendors, platform vendors and system integrators such as rally around their own to form a more perfect industrial chain.

April 6, 2005, UF, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, ERP industry chain more than 50 international technology platform vendors, management consulting firms, systems integrators, value-added service providers, training and education institutions, the establishment of "ERP popular Industry Alliance "UF is initiated and the organizers of the Union. According to vice president, when he was general manager of channel partners say Chiang Shu leather, UF organizations, the Alliance's purpose is not sub-cake, but make the pie bigger, the future popularity of ERP market in China will be the number of times the current size of the market.

2005 to 2007, more than two years is a new strategic transformation of UF's "warm-up period." After two years of testing the water, until 2007, Wang Wenjing great determination to press ahead before: "In 2005, when We have a clear direction, but did not intensify, two to go down our confidence, and also after the first two years of deliberation, we reached a consensus, and the urgency shown great promise in transition, this time was better than two years ago to promote the foundation more. "

External and internal party

Also because of the prior to have to understand, Wang Wenjing has been able to maintain a good attitude, no matter how the outside judge, the process of how the twists and turns, he can be left in peace, he felt that those who are "likely to happen." He never complained or blamed his subordinates, "how could such a thing happen?"

So Wang Wenjing presentation form is always tranquil. Before the public, the UF's leaders have always maintained a calm and modest attitude. UF's staff need not worry about the boss's curse to suffer even one critical e-mail, Wang Wenjing also written his best euphemism.

It is said that Wang Wenjing is cylindrical and the people within the party. This is a very apt in his heart is to adhere to some basic tenets, it is difficult to change it.

In 1988, the Government Offices Administration of the State Council Wang Wenjing left way is to resign, did not give yourself an escape route. He knew that if to take other such as "leave without pay" and other alternative methods, the unit will definitely not let him go.

In 1994, Wang Wenjing, and business partners, Su Qijiang break the story is a legend in Zhongguancun. At that time, Su Qijiang that the establishment of software sales platform is an opportunity, but Wang Wenjing wish to focus on software products, so the two parted, Wang Wenjing spent a great sum of cash to repurchase shares Suqi Jiang, Wang Wenjing retained the brand UF and infrastructure, Su Qijiang dream is to get the success of venture capital funds, it now appears a win-win results. They could be so happy to break up the key when they had come together, they thought that the day will break, so clearly established when setting up their stake.

In Wang Wenjing view, any enterprise Jiugen a person, will have what he has to defend, UF is no exception. From the creation of development, Wang Wenjing also stick to some basic tenets, such as "in the Chinese market should be gradually developed by the Chinese company to manage the software business and succeed in the end", which is the date UF since the inception of a firm belief, and should adhere to in the end.

Previous years has been successively a number of multinational companies looked for Wang Wenjing, they placed a variety of capital programs of cooperation in front of him, but Wang Wenjing is no choice, because all the programs are directed at a purpose, which is the other side want to achieve control of their business.

Wang Wenjing clear view on this issue, even though the other party can give a very high price, but he felt that the price and compared to the value of a company's future is not appropriate; Moreover, this is not just a question of whether a price, "I want to be able to UF as a long-term undertaking to develop, sell the feeling not that way."

UF 2001 listing. Period of time after the listing, Wang Wenjing stake in the company due to the dominance structure, been controversial. However, Wang Wenjing seems absolutely clear to the company's property is a core business issue, business in 1988, UF can be linked with state-owned enterprises can also choose to run, but Wang Wenjing choose the "individual business" of this form of enterprise, " This form is not good, the key is this form of property rights. If the property is not clear, may be the previous stage is conducive to the development of enterprises, but at a later stage would jeopardize the development of enterprises. "now he can say for sure," UF on this issue has not committed structural error. "

In the equity issue, Wang Wenjing position clear: "First, insist on equity ownership must be clear; Second, insist on this structure must be the majority shareholder." Wang Wenjing always believed that this is not something based on his personal needs, Instead the company to sustainable development of a structural demand: "There is no major shareholder of the companies to bear the ultimate responsibility, then the firm's decisions not capable of forming and integration." has the final decision is his insistence on absolute control of UF's most important consideration.

But Wang Wenjing that this does not mean UF in the business and financial aspects of the operation will be very conservative. When he is using the private lending to 5 yuan to set up the UF, then the loan to expand the company's business, he clearly remembers when a group of peers because of lost opportunity not loans; followed led UF listed, and using market Han Kang funds to purchase Taiwan's ERP core technology, supported the strategic transformation of UF to the ERP.

"Now we have also started a new round of merger plans. Enterprise development if by two wheel, this is one of the two wheels to turn together." This is Wang Wenjing clear. Wang Wenjing also began to change some of their own ideas, he felt that strategic investment can not seek to control the business right, the two sides can explore more of the more flexible forms of cooperation to achieve win-win situation.

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UML, RUP and Zachman framework: the perfect combination of [1]

This article comes from the Rational Edge: This article raised a lot of creative ways, the past decade in the field of information systems architecture of the three most important methods: UML, Rational Unified Process (RUP) and the Zachman framework, combined with up.

In the past decade, the use of Unified Modeling Language (UML) modeling for software applications has become increasingly clear advantage. At the same time, RUP is already a proven software development process, Zachman Framework 1 is a proven framework for organizational and communication framework for the workpiece. Among the many overlapping methods, UML, RUP and Zachman are a modern information system architecture of the three important pillars. This article by examining their meta features and some will be the method of combining them with the organization to consider the combination of these methods.

UML, RUP and Zachman Summary

By definition, UML is a modeling language. It attempts to model software-intensive systems standardized graphical language elements. It's the latest version of UML 2.0 for the structure from the modeling, behavioral modeling and interaction modeling of 13 chart types of composition. There is no sense that, although primarily for object-oriented (OO) analysis and design, but the UML can be used in many other conditions. For example, UML use case approach (Figure 1) is not an OO process, but it is already confirmed to be a general functional requirements of the best technology. Other UML diagram, such as interaction, status and activities of the diagram is also described in the real world we often users the status of projects available tools.

Figure 1: UML use case diagram

About Zachman

Framework is a framework used to develop and maintain a wide range of tools for architecture. When it comes to support enterprises in custom enterprise architecture (EA) function, Zachman framework can provide a lot of help. 2 business theme will grade into a 6x6 matrix of cells, each cell representing each organization a unique view (see Figure 2).

Zachman framework for a complete description, see http://www.zifa.com/
Click to enlarge

Zachman in the columns represent the most important aspects of business (data, function, network, people, time, motivation), but be different according to different perspectives (size, business, systems, technology, details of assets) and associated with one aspect of the stakeholders (planners, business owners, designers, implementers, who carry children) to divide. In addition, the Bank also because the details of Level 3 is different, because they are an abstract expression of business 4 (environment, conceptual, logical, physical, detailed and practical), which in turn may involve the public and the angle connected to form a business model and the responsibilities of the cell. Example is: "A system model (angle) is a designer (group) as part of terms of reference of the logical (abstract) entity."

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Secret of Photoshop texture Posts (cave)

Earth, rock texture study (2) - Cave

Yes, today, and we say that the cave effect, must have been like a sightseeing tour of the friends of these caves, then how to use photoshop to simulate it? Let's give it a try!

1. Create a new 500x500 pixel document, the system color set to the default value.

2. Select the menu Filter-> Render-> Clouds.

3. Select the menu Filter-> Render-> Difference Clouds, in order to achieve sufficiently complex texture, where the need to repeatedly use the filters, I generally use 12 times, made the effects of such as Figure 1.

4. Select the menu Filter-> Stylize-> Wind, Method = Stagger, Direction = From the right.

5. Select the menu Filter-> Blur-> Gaussian Blur, value of 3.

6. Repeat step 4, to enhance the effect of vertical texture.

7. Select the menu Image-> Rotate Canvas-> 90 cw.

8. Select the menu Filter-> Blur-> Gaussian Blur, value is 0.8.

Figure 2

9. Select the menu Filter-> Render-> Lighting Effects, specific parameters shown in Figure 3.

10. Pressing the shortcut keys Ctrl + U into the Hue / Saturation adjustment of window, parameters: Hue = 133, Saturation = 15, Lightness = 0, select the Colorize item. Here is to give the rock a certain color.

11. Now look at the texture effects, the stone texture is still too smooth, adding a small value of the noise to increase its roughness, I've used about 5 values.

Next, the need for the establishment of texture depth of field, it can be said to create a key step in the real cave effect.

12. Press Q to enter fast-track mode, the gradient tool, drag up from the bottom picture about picture height 1 / 4 length, press Q to exit the mode, by constituency.

13. Select Filter-> Blur-> Gaussian Blur, values of 2.5, the background deep-complete.

14. Select the Lasso tool, the picture top free choice out of a texture, pay attention to the texture as much as possible in accordance with the stones to choose.

15. Pressing the shortcut keys Ctrl + Alt + D to open Feather option, select the value of 5.

16. Select Filter-> Blur-> Gaussian Blur, values of 2.5 and the prospects of deep completion.

Now, the real effect of cave texture display in front of everyone, and Figure 4.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

The insider denied that Lee was a man left and the black about Baidu

Yesterday (January 18), Baidu announced that a man Lee resigned from the CTO position with immediate effect, any rumors that he will join the 12 580 CEO.

Last week, Baidu as "being black" into the storm's eye, January 18, the company once again as the public focus of high-level changes. Jan. 18 afternoon, Baidu announced that Chief Technology Officer Lee and a man for personal reasons, resigned with immediate effect from the original post.

The trade rumors, Lee, after a man left Baidu, will join China Mobile subsidiary Beijing unlimited Odd News Corporation (12 580) and served as CEO post. 12580 Insiders on January 18 on the "Daily Economic News", told reporters that the issue "has not yet been fully established, but pretty close."

Lightning left

A man and joined Lee in 2008 when Baidu, Baidu CEO Robin Li told staff to issue a warm letter of introduction, to a man called Lee "a legend of Chinese IT industry." After Lee and a man, "Ren Zhengfei successor", entrepreneurship Harbour, regression, etc. Huawei and Baidu CTO, his career change in every industry have become a hot topic. This time, Lee and a man in Baidu just experienced the most serious hacker attack left more people in the industry caused conjecture.

Baidu in the January 12 "is black" day, there are rumors online, speculation, "Lee will not be a man and will resign," according to the industry already had circulated a bad trick: attack a site, the responsible person was fired or resigned , a successful rival to lure them away.

However, sources close to Baidu denied the claim. It is reported that Li and a man a month ago Baidu CEO Robin Li had to submit his resignation and plans on Feb. 20 announced his resignation news. As the former COO of Baidu leaf on January 8 friends have left, Baidu may also be interested in a man leaving Lee to postpone the news, so as not to trigger negative speculation.

But on Jan. 18, "a man leave Baidu Lee," The rumors spread like wildfire, widely circulated on the Internet, around 15:30, Baidu officials have officially announced the news in advance.

Each other for the?

Since entering practice in 2010, Baidu's management began a large range of replacement, in the last 10 days of the account to include a man Lee had two company executives have left the company. But Baidu also recruited from the outside and inside, deployment of staff into the company's management.

January 6 this year, Baidu announced the formal creation of an independent online video company, into a comprehensive network of genuine high-definition video in the field. Baidu online video company's CEO post as president and COO original 12580 as Yu Gong.

Two days later, Baidu management in deprived from the former vice president of business operations as the company Shen Hao Yu, senior vice president and commercial products to the original Baidu was promoted to senior director Wang Zhan, Vice President. At the same time, previously served as chief operating officer of the leaf Baidu friend submitted his resignation for personal reasons, Baidu also approved the resignation leaves friends.

Li and a man in the telecom circles legendary. In 1993, Lee worked for a man Huawei after graduation, he served as engineers, product managers and development directors to a number of positions, 27-year-old vice president of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei recognized successors. In 2001, a man from Huawei Li, and Ren Zhengfei enemies, founder of Harbour Networks Limited. June 2006 Huawei acquisition of core assets of Harbour Networks, Huawei Li and a man returned and served as vice president and chief telecommunications scientist positions.

Li and a man on October 6, 2008 to join Baidu, he was chief technology officer, to just over a year. In Baidu, Li, Baidu led one man, "Aladdin" and other research and development program.

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